Open Sites Randomly


Random Website Viewer Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to randomly open or view a website within a specific list of sites. By default, there is a list of common sites included in the software. You can also load your own custom list.

HideMyBrowserFree  v.2.0

Almost all internet users surf the internet regularly with various internet browsers. And lots of internet or web surfers don't want to disclose their activity like their opened sites etc. to others.


Stayfocused Free  v.2.3.0

A free to-do list tool helps you complete tasks on-time and tracks easily by using Pomodoro timer how much time you've spent on each of them.

Stayfocused Pro  v.2.3.0

A simple task time-tracking tool based on POMODORO TECH helps you get things done on time and tracks easily how much time you've spent on each of them.

Open Multiple Web Sites At Once In Browser Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to bring up a list of web sites onto their computer.

Print Multiple Web Sites Software

Print many web sites without having to open each one.

Open BlueDragon  v.2.0

OpenBlueDragon, also known as OpenBD, is the worlds first truly open source GPL Java and Google App Engine CFML runtime. CFML is a powerful tag/script based language that takes away all the heavy lifting of producing web based services and sites.

Open Search Server  v.1.1

Open Search Server (OSS) is a search engine software developed under the GPL v3 open source licence.

Submission Sites for Ebooks Articles Fre

In this book you'll find clickable links to submission sites I've spent months finding. If you have e-books freeware or shareware to submit this clickable book will SAVE YOU LOTS OF TIME.

Word Frequency Count In Multiple Web Sites Software

Find frequency of each word in one or many web sites. This word frequency analysis will produce a list ordered from most to least used words. This list can be saved as a text file.

Convert Web Sites To JPG Software

Create multiple JPG/JPEG files from multiple web sites.

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